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Company and Corporate

"A true understanding of the legal and commercial issues affecting the recruitment industry"


Corporate Services

We provide commercial support, audit/review, drafting, and negotiation across corporate matters affecting the day to day business affairs of a recruitment agency in the UK.  Common areas of support are:

EMI Share Option Schemes

Whether you are a start up recruitment agency or an established business, we can help you structure and prepare your share option scheme for your employees.  As a start up we can complete the entire process from writing to HMRC with respect to the set up of your scheme, assist you in designing the scheme, and finalising the rules and option agreements for your employees.  As an established business we will work with your accountants with respect to the valuation of and design of your scheme and prepare all supporting EMI documentation for you.


Shareholder Agreements

Whether you are one of two parties who own 50% of a recruitment agency or there are mutiple shareholders, we recommend that you have a shareholders agreement and appropriately drafted and mirrored articles of association to ensure that the arrangements between the shareholders as to the operation of the business, key decisions of the business, what happens in the event of disagreements between the shareholders, and what happens if shareholders wish to depart the business are clear and agreed processes are in place to deal with such eventualities.  

Shareholder Disputes

We can support you and assist you with disputes that arise between shareholders of a recruitment agency, whether or not there is a shareholders agreement in place.


Share and Asset Sales and Acquisitions

We can also support you and assist you with the sale of your business and or on the purchase of other businesses covering the heads of terms, due diligence process, and the negotiations on and drafting of the sale and purchase agreement and ancillary documentation as may be required; and whether in the UK or overseas. 



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