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In-House Training

"A true understanding of the legal and commercial issues affecting the recruitment industry"

In-House Training Services


We understand that trying to maintain your teams and your managers knowledge of recruitment industry legislation and other laws and legal issues impacting your operations day to day can be challenging at the best of times.  We offer bespoke in-house training services for your operational needs and we can offer training across all areas of our recruitment industry services which includes but is not limited to covering:


Commercial Contracts: e.g. we can provide training on the basics of contract law, on your own terms and conditions of business, how to review commercial contracts imposed by your clients (i.e. what to look out for), legal risk and insurance

Regulatory: we provide training on current regulations affecting the recruitment industry (see Regulatory Services)

Employment: e.g. we can provide training on discrimination laws, employment status, understanding different engagement models of workers





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 "...providing support on the training and the education of sales consultants, clients, and contractors/agency workers on Agency Workers Regulations."


" guidance on updates to business processes arising from Agency Workers Regulations."


"..assisting with formulation of strategy on Agency Workers Regulations roll out on areas such as use of umbrella companies, swedish derogation contracts, and the implications to limited company contractors."