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"A true understanding of the legal and commercial issues affecting the recruitment sector"


Litigation Support


We provide commercial support and assistance across all areas of dispute, which includes the following key areas where disputes arise:

Contractual disputes

Agency Regulations interpretation, termination/early term of contractors or agency agreement, transition of contractors, liability for acts of the agency or the contractor/temporary worker, client non payment due to poor performance of contractor/temporary worker

Back door placements

Clients utilising temporary workers/contractors without consent and payment of fees to agency

Management and process of Debt recovery

Clients, second tier suppliers, contractor/temporary worker/permanent staff overpayments

Potential breaches by ex-staff of post termination restrictive covenants

Non poaching of clients, contractors/temporary workers, and other permanent sales staff

Information Commissioner complaints

Alleged data protection breaches

Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EASI)

Compliance visits, complaints and enquiries


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"...assisting clients with drafting of letters and tactics with respect to pursuing debts owed by customers."


"..providing drafting support for issuing of money claims and or defending money claims."


"..advising on termination disputes for recruitment agencies and umbrella organisations where contractors dispute termination by the end customer."


"...advising on rights of clients where companies are infringing registered or passing off unregistered trademarks and providing guidance on tactics to prevent future passing off or infringement."


"..making recommendations for optimisation of contractual terms for compensation for late payment under standard terms of business and internal credit control process and procedure."